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                          TIMO                                 SHANKO

Coming soon:  Timo's new podcast:  VIRTUOSITY, exploring all aspects of virtuosity, in all genres of music

Boston-based Timo Shanko plays tenor sax, electric bass and acoustic bass.  As the Covid pandemic shut down venues, gigs came to a crawl, so Timo turned to recording and releasing long-gestating music.  With no less than four new albums being released in 2021, Timo's stature as a composer and musician reaches new heights, signaling to the jazz world that he is a force to reckoned with.


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“The double CD Waxing Philosophic/Eulogy for a Dying Planet is the rare venue spacious enough to feature the full spectrum of saxophonist Timo Shanko’s compositions. Shanko’s influences are myriad; he seems to have ingested every bit of good music recorded over the last half century. Yet the music featured here is original in that word’s truest sense: it sounds only like Shanko. Aided by the astonishingly limber hands and feet of both Hammond organist Ken Clarke and drummer Luther Grey, Shanko’s enormous tenor sound shines like a lighthouse beacon through tunes that invoke memories of the meeting Ammons, Sanders, and Kuti never had.”  -- REVERB NATION

“Bassist and saxophonist Timo Shanko presents an exhilarating set of songs on Freedom Right Now...   ...As good a bassist as he may be, Shanko is a demon on reeds. Playing both tenor and baritone saxophones on this album, he scorches the mind with soulful radiance... 

...An album well worth the trouble to find, Freedom Right Now will hopefully bring Shanko and his men some deserved recognition...  -- ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“G. Love took the stage... with standout Shanko rippin’ it up technically and creatively.  ...After that, Special Sauce rejoined G. Love onstage... with the highlight being virtuosic bass player Timo Shanko’s heady tenor sax solo.”  -- THE REGISTER HERALD



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