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Timo Shanko, born Timo Kielnecker, in Los Angeles, CA, 1968. Attended Santa Monica High School, Class of 1986. Began electric bass studies at age 11 learning rock, blues and soul songs; focusing on Theory and Technique. Played in bands with older musicians at bars, clubs, parties, etc… in the area starting at age 14.  Discovered Jazz. Moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1989. Discovered modern classical music and Avant Garde Jazz. Founded the Fully Celebrated Orchestra (FCO) with Alto Saxophonist Jim Hobbs playing in the streets.  Moved to NYC 1990-1991. On tour with Eddie Kirkland as Band Director 1990-1994 traveling extensively and played with many blues legends. Founded the Prodigal Suns 1993-1995. Signed a major label deal with Geffen Records and toured again. Moved back to Boston to further develop FCO, other original groups and expand acoustic Bass and Tenor Saxophone skills. Over 50 recording appearances and numerous mentions in Media. Many published books and awards won. From 2009-2013, Timo was a member of G. Love & Special Sauce, touring major venues in the US, Japan, Australia, and also performed with many major artists. 



Electric Bass

Acoustic Bass

Tenor Saxophone




Alto, Soprano, Baritone Saxophones


Bass Clarinet


Sintir (Moroccan Gnawa Bass)